End-of-Line Bumpers, mobile and fixed self-brakings, for any type of gauge, destined to be used in straight or curved routes.

Self-braking Mobile
The self-braking mobile bumber for end-of-Line is a safety equipment that aims to avoid that Metrorail vehicles trespass it. It has braking shoes on its bases, which embrace the rail of the crane railway and has its action against this, regulated by clamp screws. The composition crash into the equipament’s superior part, through a set called crash. During its displacement in the railroad, the bumper dissipates kinetic energy from the vehicle through the friction developed by the shoes in contact with the rail.


The fixed bumper is placed in the end of secondary routes, used by service compositions of yards and garages. It presents the braking shoes settled in the superior part of the structure, and two bars, formed by route rails, slide over these shoes after being reached by the embatente vehicle. The friction work is originated by the displacement of these bars through the fixed shoes, and this friction dissipates the composition’s energy.