Tabela de AMV's
Tabela de AMV's
Desenhos de AMV's

Turnouts, manufactured in accordance with AREMA and ABNT norms, which can be adapted for the European norms, and to any type of gauges: simple or mixed, in addition to the following components, to wit:


1) Pre-assembly done at the plant for all gauges in:

- Concrete slabs;
- Wood/steel/concrete sleepers.


2) Keys with needles:

- One piece, of machined rail, with or without booster bars;
- Of machined trail, with booster bars and manganese steel tips;

- Of machined trail. With booster bars and Sanson type tips;

- Of machined trail. Of located flexion, “M” standard;
- One piece in manganese steel for paved areas.


3)  Simple or Double frogs:
- With manganese steel core and trail legs (like “rail bound”);
- One piece in manganese steel;

- Bolted for yards.


4) Adjustable and rigid guardrails:
- Trails machined – special profiles;
- Adjustable in manganese steel.


5) X Crossroads, with crossed routes:


6) Special crossroads for paved areas:


7) Maneuver Devices, types:

- Simple without adjustable adjustment with Signal support;


“New century”;



8) Speed Delayer for slope wagons:
Developed to delay the speed and to stop wagons which uncoupled from the locomotives are released in a slop after the ore discharge in the Car Dampers.


9) Braking shoe:


10) Dilatation Device:


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